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Real-time Wireless Communications

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  • True mobile computing is not possible without “anytime-anywhere” access to vital organizational resources
  • Rugged PCs can support up to 4 Wireless WAN Technologies
    • Built in CDMA
    • Built in GSM
    • Built in GPRS
    • Build in 3G (Optional)
    • New Models come with EDGE/EVDO
    • Built in RF Encrypted Communications also possible
    • Some Rugged PCs have been 3G Certified since the last 2 years
  • User can communicate from practically anywhere
  • APPLICATIONS VERTICALS: Defense, Field Service, Construction, Oil Exploration, Transportation…..

Integrated GPS

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) is a technology that can pinpoint the location of any GPS receiver in the universe to an accuracy of few feet.
  • Telecom Service Engineers can carry their Network Diagrams with them
    • They will know where the Maintenance Splices are
    • Same for Utility Companies
    • Critical for Law Enforcement, Transportation, Logistics……
    • Integrated AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locating) System for Transportation Companies
    • Integrating with GIS (Geographical Information System) it is a potent tool for hundreds of diverse applications

Outdoor Readable Touch Screen LCD’s

  • As compared to conventional LCDs which are backlite Rugged
  • PCs also use Trans-Refractive technology which captures ambient light and reflects it back
  • So, the brighter the ambient light, brighter the screen, without soaking up the precious battery life
  • Important for all segments like Defense, Utility companies, Law enforcement, Mining, Transportation, Field Service, Fire Safety etc.