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Why Customization

Rugged portable and laptop computers are designed for tough environments but are built in large numbers with common configurations. Sometimes an application demands a change, which can range from the simple mounting of an external GPS connector to a complete I/O transition to circular connectors or internal modifications or add custom features.

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Manufacturers are not set up to do these types of modifications and many times are unwilling to consider customization for less than an advance commitment of 500-1,000 units. Hornbill has the required capability to fulfill this need for customized rugged solutions.

Customization capabilities

  • Mechanical modification
    • Color change – military color, enterprise color,….
    • Particular purpose accessory – Handle, mounting,….
    • Security – secure screw, sealed I/O, secure drive….
    • I/O Connector change – military connector (MS, Fischer, ODU..)
  • Electrical modification
    • I/O Port function change – extra LAN, USB, RS232, FO-LAN, FireWire, MIL connectors (38999 circular connectors, etc), integration of 1553, Fiber, HDMI in,….
    • Integrated Application-Specific Module – RF video, PAN, data capture, customer’s PCIe Card, Secure Drive….
  • Firmware/Software modification
    • BIOS/EC – function modification according to customer demand
    • HD Image – Image setting according to customer’s demand
    • Software Utility – dedicated function according to customer’s demand
  • Certificate
    • Ground Army Level EMI/EMS Certificate
    • MIL-STD-461F
    • DEF_STAN 59-411 for LAND Service Level.
    • GJB-151A
  • Certificates which not supported by the standard project

Our team of experienced electrical, mechanical and environmental engineers is equipped with advanced simulation and 3D CAD tools to quickly model modification scenarios and interact with our customer’s engineering teams to define detailed solutions to very exacting requirements. 

We have partnered with numerous companies around the globe to develop customized solutions that fit the unique applications on which our partners thrive. Our years of experience allow us to create cost-effective solutions for thousands of companies.

We work with you through the entire process from concept to design. Afterward, the products are tested thoroughly to ensure that they are ready for project deployment.

While we have our standard line of products, we also offer services in creating completely unique solutions. Our talented in-house design team has the expertise to bring your big idea to life.

Custom Solutions for Getac