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Military-Grade Rugged Laptops & Tablets for Defence Forces

When your defense mission can’t fail, neither can your primary data and communications source. Purposely built to weather the burden of battlefield operating extremes – from dust to water, bright sunshine to pitch-black darkness, and the rugged environment of a military combat vehicle – Miltec’s customized rugged solutions will prove they have the strength, power, and flexibility to complete any job the defense issues on land, in the air, or at sea.

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Our solutions for military tablets and laptops have been rigorously tested and certified to both  MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F standards to meet the strictest defense requirements for durability, drops, low emissions, temperature extremes, ubiquitous communications, and security. And with hot-swappable battery options, night vision compatibility, and a customizable “quiet mode”, you can be confident that field-upgradeable and repairable rugged tablets and laptops will be able to see even the most complex operations through to completion.

So, when your job takes you to every corner of the globe, when every move you make is dependent on real-time intelligence and decision-making capabilities, and when data flow disruption is not an option, your only option is to deploy ultra-rugged and fully-rugged tablet and laptop to centralize and power through every defense mission.

Rugged Military Grade Tablet and laptop Will Perform Any Necessary Operation, including:

  • Situational Awareness and Analysis
  • GIS / Mapping / Plotting
  • Defense Special Operations
  • Mission Planning, Command and Control
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV/UAS)
  • Field Dispatch, Operations, and Logistics
  • Military Personnel, Vehicle, and Equipment Tracking and Deployment
  • Field Information Access and Transmission Tracking
  • Flight Line and In-Vehicle Maintenance
  • HAHO/HALO jump management
  • Security and Military Police Operations
  • Blue Force Tracking
  • Maintenance and Training

Equip your defense teams with advanced rugged mobile computers that support their mission by contacting our team of experts today.