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Rugged Mobile Computing for Utility Field Service Workers & Technicians

The majority of gas, water, and electric utility work happens outside of the office, forcing utility field technicians to complete time-critical workflows while on foot or in a vehicle amidst extreme working conditions. Critical data and real-time communications must be accessible from the highest utility power pole, the most remote pipeline, and from sewer lines several feet underground if utilities want to minimize asset downtime and maximize employees’ field service productivity

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The best way for utilities to prevent errors in data, delays in work order completion, and customer satisfaction issues, is by deploying rugged mobile computing solutions that expedite both planned and unplanned utility fieldwork. With rugged tablets, you will have everything you need to get the right electric, gas, or water utility service field technician sent to the right location, right now – and with the right tools to get the job done right the first time.

Learn more about the ways in which your investment in mobile, rugged tablet PCs translates into improved data accuracy and security, increased utility field service efficiencies, and easier integration of expanding mobile workflows with existing back-office IT infrastructure.

Rugged Tablets for Gas Utility Field Services

ATEX-certified rugged tablets are designed specifically to accommodate the unique mobile data entry and retrieval requirements of gas utility field technicians. ATEX tablets won’t power down when exposed to water, dust, or even chemical elements typical to gas utility environments. In fact, Rugged durable tablets are designed to keep gas utilities’ mobile field workers online longer, so they can ensure services stay available 24/7 for customers – from wherever they may be logging on.

Water Utility Field Service Rugged Tablets

Water utilities have to be judicious with their resources and are constantly seeking efficiency gains to avoid waste and runoff within all departments. By transitioning water utility field teams to fully rugged tablet PCs, water utilities gain the needed computing power, storage, and mobility to monitor and manage water resources consistently in real-time, from anywhere.

Electric Utility Field Service Rugged Tablets

With ruggedized mobile computing platforms, electric utility field service technicians and plant managers will be able to quickly identify and resolve outages, complete inspections, and repair damaged and aging infrastructure from a single, sealed rugged tablet without ever needing to return to the office.

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