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Natural Resources

Rugged Mobile Computing for Natural Resource Professionals

In both the mines and the oilfield, drops and dirt are par for the course. While very few desktops, laptops, and mobile computing devices are equipped to survive those common environmental hazards, even fewer can endure the uniquely hostile field conditions of the various Natural Resources sectors – including possible chemical and spark exposures common to Hazardous Locations. ATEX and C1D2/C1Z2 compliant ruggedized mobile tablet PCs are among the few that can.

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Whether used for Natural Resources management on land or at sea, Rugged tablets prioritize employee safety and data security. Our rugged mobile computing solutions are built tough and explicitly tested to prevent devastating mobile device malfunctions and keep real-time data flowing to and from the Natural Resources job site. Tablet PCs boast powerful performance specs, best-in-class outdoor viewable displays, and a damage-proof design to keep your most mobile workers connected, communicating, and protected – from dangerous data errors and environmental risks – the entire time they’re on the clock.

Find out more about the ways rugged tablets empower you to improve Natural Resource job site safety, capture efficiencies, and protect the environment, even when you’re on the move.

Rugged Mobile Computers for Oil and Gas Industry Workers

Lightweight, highly mobile, and always connected rugged tablets power everything from remote oil & gas pipeline inspections to round-the-clock refinery monitoring. Only proven mobile PC technologies are fully featured, fully rugged, and fully secure enough to facilitate both upstream and downstream workflows for on-shore and off-shore Oil & Gas operations. Our ATEX and C1D2/C1Z2 compliant rugged tablets are a necessary part of an intrinsically safe environment.

Rugged Tablets for Mining Operations

When working in harsh environments or in severe climates, miners need tough mobile technology that will survive the elements and allow Natural Resource crews to capture and extract essential data. Ruggedized tablet PCs are built to withstand the rigors of Open Mining and Underground operations and ensure the integrity of your information amidst the dirt, drops, dust, and the physical distance separating the mine, mineral plant, and headquarters.