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Manufacturing Industry

Rugged Tablets Built for Manufacturing, Industry Work, and Logistics

Manufacturing floor environments demand resiliency and mobility and require more rugged computing power than ever before. Whether your assembly, maintenance, or repair operations are confined to an indoor factory, an enclosed hangar, or an outdoor testing facility, the environmental elements, and vibrations from equipment and forklifts can prove harmful to the average laptop, or desktop, or mobile PC. That makes rugged tablet IP ratings and the results of extensive MIL-STD-810G tests relevant to your manufacturing business.

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Rugged tablets are purpose-built to withstand constant exposure to dusty air, extreme temperature fluctuations, powerful vibrations, chemicals, drops, and more – all while continuously powering your most critical industrial applications in the manufacturing plant floor environment. We manufacture the highest IP-rated and most rugged mobile computing solutions in the world so that you have constant access to the real-time data needed to manufacture everything else the world needs. Our rugged tablets also offer a wealth of integrated connectivity options that identify and communicate with the automated manufacturing stations throughout your manufacturing shop floor, including True Serial ports, plenty of USB connectors, RFID readers, and barcode scanners.

Find out why some of the top global aviation, aerospace, and automotive manufacturers have chosen rugged tablets to manage parts installation and inspection, collect data for compliance reporting, track inventory and assets, and mobilize every rugged computing workflow in between.

Rugged Tablets for Aviation and Aerospace Manufacturing

Ruggedized tablets enable flexible aerospace and aviation manufacturing workflows that can be retrieved and completed whether you’re walking down the manufacturing plant floor, crawling into an aircraft nose assembly, or driving the heavy equipment that transports airframes of all sizes, from the climate-controlled manufacturing plant to the outside testing and transportation staging environments.

Rugged Tablets for Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturers rely on very disciplined shop floor operations to deliver high-quality cars and trucks to customers on time and within strict cost parameters. Paperless-factory initiatives are supplanting decades of pen and paper-based data processes in the factory; automotive manufacturers are recognizing the advantages of rugged mobile computing solutions to improve mass production efficiencies and quality control.