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Selecting the right Rugged Tablet for Field Operations

Today’s first responders and the police department are more reliant on technology than ever before.

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To increase their situational awareness and their operational safety on every call and help them help us from dire situations, Rugged tablets, and other devices help extend communication, data, and safety systems to the apparatus and command vehicle to support preparedness and situational awareness which maintain safety at the scene. Rugged tablets offer a single device, an all-purpose PC that can operate in all public safety environments, whether at the station or on the fire ground.
Imagine operating a Commercial grade tablet while trying to rescue civilians from an apartment on fire or being a soldier stationed in a hot or cold area surrounded by water and dust, we all know perfectly well that (Operating a commercial tablet) in such Environments would be catastrophic for both the firemen, solider and the civilian. In order to avoid these ‎Scenarios, rugged tablets come in handy.

Selecting the Right Rugged Tablet for your field and factory operations

There are several reasons why your company might need a rugged tablet. With factors ranging from drops to a variety of work environments, how do you determine if a consumer tablet will work well for your industry or if you need to get something a little more durable?

Reasons ranging from:

Frequent Work Outdoors

Find your Employees working outdoors most of the time, then a consumer tablet just won’t cut it. Trying to view a consumer tablet in direct sunlight is a hard task. To solve this, many rugged tablets are built with sunlight-viewable screens, so that you almost never struggle to view your work. 

Hot and Cold Climates

While extreme climates can be categorized into outdoor work, places around the world can reach temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. While some consumer tablets may be able to operate under certain circumstances the chances of it failing are a lot higher than a rugged tablet designed for such conditions.


Taking an example of a warehouse if you’re going to mount your tablet to something like a forklift, you’ll want to consider something more durable like a rugged tablet or a laptop the vibrations and other factors from the large machines and surrounding area may often prove too much for consumer-grade technology to handle for an extended period of time.

Long Working Hours

Got a back-to-back shift spanning sixteen hours of the day with no downtime? Or maybe a factory that never stops running?  Rugged tablets and laptops, in this case, use swappable batteries to maximize productivity. The time it takes to charge up the devices during work hours can be replaced by switching batteries.

Mobile Workforce

Just within normal working situations, any tablet can provide basic functionality. But beyond a basic threshold, it becomes apparent that a rugged tablet is superior to the other. Mobile workers are constantly on the go, packing and unpacking tools, doing invoices, traveling from one work site to the next. It’s tough work – even more so for a tablet.

As the number of mobile workers increase and expand across the region, Industries will be turning more and more towards fieldwork compatible Rugged tablets in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and the entire GCC which lower the cost of the company being a mostly one-time investment and also to ensure smooth functioning and improved efficiency while also enabling data to be accessed online anywhere and anytime.