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Getac ZX10

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The newly launched Getac ZX10 10” is the largest fully-rugged tablet to feature the Android 11 operating system. The Getac ZX10 rugged device offers ahighly-capable workday solution. It combines the power efficiency, intuitive operation, and world of apps you expect with Android, with a slim versatile profile, remote guidance, information capture, well-suited to video conferencing, and online paperwork.

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Moreover, the Getac ZX10 device has standard full-shift battery life. It also comes with an optional higher capacity battery which helps to last your entire workday, and even longer with its dual hot-swappable batteries change out without interrupting operation. Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 CPU makes this device mobile-first computing platform with capability of computationally-intensive tasks with less power consumption.Its touch is powered by LumiBond® technology that provides a sunlight-readable experience. It allows the field workers to read and sign documents in the cold, the rain, or under bright sunlight.

The optional RFID scanner and/or industrial-grade barcode reader helps to capture data, identify objects, and track assets. The  Getac ZX10 also has an optional hard-handle with multi-notch orientation, a variety of strap and harness accessories, and a chassis under one-inch thick, it fits right in.This device is verified by Google™ as an Android Enterprise Recommended Rugged Device which runs on  the Android™ 11 operating system. This combination of Getac and Android makes it even easier to scale and support your mobile fleet. Standardized features let you manage devices seamlessly and consistently every time.