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I/O port customization Getac

Electrical modification

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• I/O Port function change – extra LAN, USB, RS232, FO-LAN, FireWire, HDMI in,…

• Integrated Application-Specific Module – RF video, PAN, data capture, customer’s PCIe Card, Secure Drive….

Firmware/Software modification

• BIOS/EC – function modification according to customer demand

• HD Image – Image setting according to customer’s demand

• Software Utility – dedicated function according to customer’s demand

Serial Port addition

Use a serial port to replace BCR and cover it with a rubber door for waterproof

V110 G3 – BCR + MSR

There is no Express Card Support

Finger Print Reader + RFID for 2nd-factor authorization

IMD Fingerprint reader with Firmware enhancement of data transfer rate

ZX70 – Serial Port

USB – RS232C port

Bar Code Reader on rugged Laptop

Barcode reader on V110

Finger Print Reader addition

T800 – Finger Print Reader