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Handling customization with Getac

Mechanical modification

  • Color change – military color, enterprise color
  • Particular purpose accessory – Handle, mounting,
  • Security – secure screw, sealed I/O, secure drive
  • I/O Connector change – military connector (MS, Fischer, ODU)

Strain Relief Bracket

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For S410 for cable strain relief on the I/O ports (particularly the USB ports) to prevent the unexpected USB connection broken.

F110Gx- Bracket for USB cable

Bracket to fix the USB cable via 2 screws. Not easily removable. F110 always fixed on Forklift

F110- Hand Strap for Extend Battery

IMD Higher Bracket support when Extend battery installed

T800 Snapback- Easy trigger for BCR (one hand)

Bar Code Reader with a trigger button, and support hand strap for one-hand operation

S410- Trolley Docking (w/Lock)

Customize Lock mechanism for trolley docking

RX10- Vehicle Battery Charger

  • Build in Car adapter, input from 12~32Vdc.
  • Support VESA mounting hole for vehicle installation
  • Dual Battery Charging