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Ground Control Station Getac

Hardware and software that allows vehicles to be operated from a remote location and to communicate with and control

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  • UAV unmanned systems
  • Unmanned surface vehicles (USVs)
  • Unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs)

GCS acts as the hub for the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) data generated by the unmanned aircraft’s payload Applications

  •  UAV flight and Mission Control
    • Managing onboard payload and Scientific Mission.


  • With communication Link
    • Stand Alone with External Communication Link

Portable GCS  Consist of 

  • High-end computer/tablet with  Screen
    • High Brightness with AR and AG
    • Software
    • Optional Communication Link
    • Various Joystick controllers / Throttle or Stationary buttons with API to support various OS.
    • Various I/Os like LAN / HDMI / USB
    • Integrated battery.

Based On Getac T800

Based on Windows 10

Fully Rugged.

Light Weight with integrated battery.

With Communication link

With multiple optional 3-axis joystick controller

Various toggle switches for emergency functions.

Tripod mounted design. With chest harness.

Based on the Laptop model of Getac K120

Fully Rugged / High Brightness.

Integrated keyboard.

Modular Design and Easy Swap.

Integrated Handle for easy carrying.

Multiple 3-axis joystick controller, Buttons and toggle Switch.

Additional I/Os like USB, LAN, HDMI, etc

Based on Getac F110

Fully Rugged

Aluminum Design.

Light Weight and Portable

Multiple Toggle Switches, Joystick, and Buttons including Emergency Button.

Choice of OS – Windows and Linux.

Potentiometer and Rotary Switch for Specialized vehicle function. Host of I/Os like Lan, USB